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Wooden Ship Modeling for Dummies
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images/013.gif (521 octets) Topics: Ship models

images/013.gif (521 octets) Ship modeling from stem to stern
images/013.gif (521 octets) Ship modeling from scratch : tips and techniques for building without kits
images/013.gif (521 octets) Scale model detailing
images/013.gif (521 octets) Ship models and how to build them
images/013.gif (521 octets) Martin Johnson's amazing maritime models
images/013.gif (521 octets) Planking techniques for model ship builders
images/013.gif (521 octets) A ship modelmaker's manual
images/013.gif (521 octets) How to build model ships; a visualized step-by-step guide for builders of all types of ship models
images/013.gif (521 octets) Model boats for beginners
images/013.gif (521 octets) Model sailing yachts
images/013.gif (521 octets) The world of model ships and boats
images/013.gif (521 octets) Radio control in model boats
images/013.gif (521 octets) Warships
images/013.gif (521 octets) Model buildings and how to make them

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