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The history of the site

  • The site was launched in 2006.
  • Its first goal was to indicate the errors revealed in the assembly instructions supplied by the kits' manufacturers.
  • The errors that could, at best, complicate the modelers' work and, at worst, completely discourage a newcomer modeler.
  • Its second goal was to improve the kits in order to make them look closer to the models shown on the plans.
  • Thus many kits' components can be improved:
  • The planking of the decks can be done in different ways. It can be caulked, treenailed, bent. We will describe you all those procedures.
  • The cannons do not always follow the model's characteristics. We will show you how to paint the cannons.
  • Various "Tips & Tricks" will help you to put in place all the rigging (shrouds, ratlines, hearts, seizings, various blocks, etc.).
  • The sails comming with the kits are quite mediocre. We will teach you how to cut, sew and form the sails. It will give your model a particularly dynamic look.
  • The costruction of the several kinds of the show-cases also will be explained.
  • And finally, the third goal is to initiate you to build a model from scratch, without any costly equipment.
  • On the site you will find the disctiptions of all the steps of building from scratch.
  • To assist you in the building of your model more than 3.000 images replaced the long treatises and more than 200 videos will show you the operations which are easier to film rather than explain.
  • And we are always here to help you to succeed in your project.
     Hubert & Stas   @ The Site Team   

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